About me

I am a Photographer and Mixed Media artist based in Little Rock, AR. I love capturing glimpses of the human spirit through photography and art. With these tools, I provide an avenue for my subjects to discover the beauty and mystery within themselves through my images. 

My art intertwines the spirit and dream world with what I feel it is to be a female from the conservative, southern United States. I am fascinated with the mind, with dreams and the world of fantasy. I create imagery that serves as a sort of mirror to those things, an idea of what it would look like if we could see it, if it were something tangible. My art tends to be a reflection of my inner world; sometimes it is a subtle hint at an underlying issue, sometimes it is a blatant and expletive display of what people, mainly women, are to me: powerful in their vulnerabilities with strengths beyond comprehension. I love to combine beautiful imagery with an occasional macabre detail as I feel this most accurately describes humanity; the beautiful things we pay to see, the ugliness we pay to hide, and the truth that we hate to accept – within each of us is dark and light, ugly and beautiful, hate and love, peace and war.


"I love anything that haunts me and never leaves"

-Jeff Buckley